A Guide to Modern and Contemporary Interior Designing

People practice interior designing to make their surroundings more comfortable. Interior designing has two main branches i.e. contemporary and modern interior designing styles.


The culture of appreciating art has been on the rise throughout man’s history. This has influenced its use in decorating homes. This article will tackle the question of what are the differences and similarities between modern and contemporary interior designing and how to choose between them.

Similarities between modern and contemporary methods of interior designing

There are a bunch of ideas on decoration that both methods use. The first one is application of artistic features in decorating the building in a simple way and spacious manner. The other similarity lies in both abstaining from using heavy elements. Both have furniture that have exposed legs and wood strips. Use of shiny surfaces like metals and glass is common in both methods. They both reflect simplicity and timelessness in their decorations .

Differences between modern and contemporary interior designs.

There are many differences between these two methods of interior designing. The first on occurs in their color preferences where modern method tends to rely on use of natural and at times neutral colors. On the contrary contemporary method of interior designing uses shades of black and withe and if other colors are set in they have to be in their pure forms not blends. Modern method has equipment with sharper edges and vertices than contemporary method. Contemporary method is not static in nature. It changes faster over time than modern method of interior designing

How to make a choice between modern and contemporary methods of interior designing

Due to the continuous changes noted in the contemporary method of interior designing, considering your budget should be your first step. The other most important step is to choose a perfect guide to interior designing so as to get well versed with these two methods. You should look for one with products and how to access them. This makes Tylko your best companion in this task. They manufacture high quality furniture and they will be a true friend to you in this journey since they will advise you, manufacture furniture and deliver it right to you.

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To sum up all of the above, you need to be well versed with information on modern and contemporary interior designing before settling for one. You also need a partner in this adventure and you should consider Tylko a true companion.

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