4 Breakfast Nook Designs for Comfier Mornings

Dissatisfied with your dining set up? Setting up a cute and cozy breakfast nook is simple. It saves your kitchen space. A breakfast nook creates an informal oasis with a pleasant feeling when enjoying a quiet of coffee. We have compiled some great ideas on how you can change and turn around your kitchen to a favorite space.

Get creative with seating

A classic seating arrangement is an option. Be creative with your seating. Think beyond using the standard tables and chairs. Look for a long impression bench with resting pillows. Have your two chairs opposite to bench around the table. This trick is enough to improve your breakfast nook.

Include statement lighting

Light is no exception. A quiet breakfast needs an impressive rest space and light to brighten your day. Hang statement lighting fixtures just above the table. Think of the cozy fixtures matching with the color on the walls.

Play with color

Any beautiful breakfast nook has impressive colors. The color gives a cohesive look. To decide on types of color, stay casual and simple. This way, you can easily choose colors and patterns best for the nook. The bench pillows color patterns can match with wallpaper.

Create a texture mix

A stylish breakfast nook can have artifacts. Install vintage paints on the wall. Purchase an old-fashioned diner made of vinyl. It is easy to wipe and clean. As old is believed to be gold, your breakfast nook turns to be cozier.

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